e-Discovery Processing
The First Call to Make in e-Discovery
Correctly managing the early stages of the e-discovery process is critical to maintaining legal defensibility and achieving desired outcomes. It is imperative to identify and select experienced partners, right from the beginning. When you need high volume processing, total data integrity, security and flexibility across all technology platforms, the first call to make is to experts at The Oliver Group.
The Genesis of e-Discovery
As experts in data acquisition, forensics and media restoration, The Oliver Groupís ability to extract and process data using both native and non-native methods lends itself to small complex matters, as well as high volume restoration and conversion projects. With a focus on data integrity and security, The Oliver Group maintains flexibility across platforms and output formats, and has managed projects for some of the most significant litigation cases around the world.

At the core of The Oliver Group is a group of former Electronic Data Discovery specialists who understand the problems and pitfalls involved in media restoration and data conversion. Their experience, professionalism, resourcefulness and accountability, combined with a unique, proprietary hardware and software approach, distinguish TOG from other global litigation support companies. Using a methodology that meticulously and cost-effectively extracts data and allows for delivery from some of the most obscure sources, TOG can accomplish even the most daunting of recovery tasks.