Leaders in Media Restoration and Conversion
Comprehensive media restoration and data conversion is a critical component of electronic discovery for litigation support. It is also essential that the extracted data is delivered in a format that facilitates effective viewing and analysis by the litigation support team. To this end, The Oliver Group provides seamless integration of media restoration and conversion solutions, delivered by certified professionals that dovetail with the processes performed by Electronic Data Discovery companies and law firms. TOG presents litigation support companies with a complete range of options in the recovery, preservation, and restoration of data and email. The ability to adapt to multiple input and output systems and formats is a core competency of The Oliver Group and benefits any Electronic Data Discovery company looking to satisfy a variety of clients’ needs.
How We Do It
TOG helps clients navigate the early stages of the e-discovery process through service offerings that include:
  • Data Acquisition & Forensic Analysis
  • Media Restoration & Conversion
  • Data Preservation & Remediation
  • Data Filtering, Culling and Searching
  • Litigation & Compliance Readiness Assessments
  • Consulting & Project Management
A rigorous project management methodology is employed on every client engagement. The model has been continually improved over more than a decade and ensures:
  • Transparency – clients know what is happening and why, at every step
  • Reliability – goals are set correctly, timelines are realistic, outcomes are predictable
  • Integrity – data is handled properly and kept secure
TOG facilities are highly scalable secure environments that enable the company’s restoration, processing and conversion capabilities. This state-of-the-art infrastructure includes an array of tape libraries, hundreds of servers and tape drives, multiple terabytes of data storage, and secure media vaults.