e-Discovery Processing
Data Preservation
Creating copies of the source media is a crucial step to:
  • Minimize risks inherent in working directly from original source media
  • Reduces the time that original media is out of client custody
  • Transfer data from archaic media to updated media to maximize storage and reduce data volatility
Security Controls and Data Protection
Physical Security
All doors are locked at all times and access to the premises is controlled via card key, with segregated systems for access to administrative and production areas of the facility.

All visitors enter through a secure entrance and must be provided access by TOG personnel. All visitors are required to sign in and out, and are escorted at all times by TOG personnel while on the premises.

Physical security includes intrusion detection, camera/video surveillance, and fire detection systems, which are monitored on a 24/7 basis. Additional security, in the form of on-site unarmed security personnel, can also be provided depending on the requirements of a specific engagement.

Furthermore, TOG often operates three shifts, providing additional supervision by TOG personnel of all media and processes.

Network Security and Access
TOG’s data center is secured from other areas of the building, with access limited to specific personnel via card keys.

TOG maintains separate business and production networks, providing data segregation. Client/project-specific production environments are also created to provide an additional level of segregation and security.

Limited external access is provided to the production network operations, and is available to only specific personnel via encrypted VPN access. TOG also has strict network security, firewall, intrusion detection and anti-virus protocols in place to further restrict access.

TOG has passed several 3rd party audits of its network access and security protocols and is in the process of obtaining its SAS70 certification.

Data Encryption
TOG makes every effort to protect client data at all phases. TOG provides data encryption services for all data, whether it is acquired at a client location, restored from backup media, in transit, or transported via FTP. While TOG does not mandate encryption for all media, it is highly recommended to all clients. Clients must provide sign-off for any data they do not wish to be encrypted for delivery.

TOG can encrypt data for all types of media, including hard drives, removable devices, backup tapes, etc. TOG utilizes a number of different encryption tools and methodologies depending on the type of data, media and client requirements. TOG works with each client individually to meet any specific encryption requirements their IT or compliance department may have. NOTE: Data that is received by TOG in an unencrypted format will not be encrypted unless instructed to do so by the client.

Media Storage and Protection
TOG provides highly secure, fire resistive storage in its onsite media vault. Only a limited amount of media is removed from the vault for processing at any given time, substantially mitigating the risk of fire, loss or misuse of the media. Access to the vault is tightly controlled with only specific personnel having access codes.

TOG tracks all media that is stored or removed from the vault so that the location of each piece of media can be determined at any time.

Transportation to and from TOG can be via common carrier (e.g. FedEx, UPS), bonded courier, or TOG personnel depending on client requirements.

All media received at, or shipped from, TOG is managed through formal intake/outtake procedures and is fully documented for chain-of-custody.

TOG maintains strict chain-of-custody procedures designed to ensure the security and integrity of clients’ data. Upon receipt of media, TOG conducts a catalog of the shipment’s contents. This includes a physical inspection of the media, checks to ensure media is write-protected, creation of the chain-of-custody documents, and the recording of any documentation or details included with the shipment.

The chain-of-custody documents serve as comprehensive media inventory reports and are maintained by TOG throughout the project’s lifecycle. Clients are provided with copies of the chain-of-custody documents for their records.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Backups are created nightly of all deliverable data that is in process for each project. Given the transitory nature of this data, these backups are maintained only until data has been delivered and receipt acknowledged. For long-term projects or online hosted environments, full backups are maintained during the life of the engagement.

TOG has established relationships with its business partners to provide data replication and recovery services as required by its clients on a project-specific basis. This is recommended for projects where large volumes of data may be maintained or stored for an extended period of time. For smaller projects, the rapid turnaround time for data delivery typically does not require this level of redundancy.

Personnel Management
The Oliver Group performs background checks and drug screening of all personnel during the hiring process. All personnel, contractors and vendors are required to sign Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements.