e-Discovery Processing
Decommissioning Services

Oftentimes, highly scrutinized and regulated businesses cannot simply reallocate or sell off infrastructure due to mergers and acquisitions, litigation holds, or compliance concerns. The Oliver Group (TOG) offers decommissioning services to corporate clients looking to reduce the costs and overhead associated with legacy systems. The TOG decommissioning service offers clients a solution that allows them to retire their equipment, and reallocate resources while adhering to their compliance requirements and seamlessly responding to discovery requests. TOG has performed this service for some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Benefits of TOG Decommissioning Services:

  • Repurpose equipment such as legacy backup servers, tape drives, storage, etc.
  • Reallocate human resources to other essential IT tasks.
  • Reallocate physical space currently utilized by legacy infrastructure.
  • Reduce overhead costs associated with power, cooling, etc.
  • Eliminate costs associated with support contracts, maintenance, etc.
  • Adhere to compliance requirements while responding quickly to discovery requests without burdening internal resources.
  • A defensible restoration and discovery approach by TOG that will stand up in court and allow the client to focus on supporting their day to day tasks.

The decommissioning service could be applied to a wide variety of systems for various business reasons. Opportunities are scoped out in detail so that a custom solution is presented for each engagement.

Once in place, TOG Client Services and technical production teams provide outsourced tape identification and restoration management. The client identifies timeframes and custodians of interest and TOG team would identify associated media from the hosted client database. The client would then secure the relevant media and deliver to TOG for restoration.

TOG’s Data Repurposing service can work in harmony with the decommissioning effort. This service provides near-line storage of restored data (email and electronic documents) to eliminate the need of restoring a tape multiple times and allows for efficient retrieval of data that may be required for future discovery or compliance requests.

TOG welcomes the opportunity to discuss your current infrastructure and discovery needs to determine if the decommissioning offering is one that would reduce risk as well as save valuable time and money.

Case Study

After a merger, a client of The Oliver Group was migrating from one technology infrastructure to another but was required to maintain backup media and data for the legacy environment due to regulatory requirements for seven years.

The legacy data was identified as Lotus Notes, and was backed up using an HP Data Protector/Omniback server along with AIT tape technology. The new infrastructure implemented was Microsoft Exchange; with Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and LTO tape technologyas its backup solution. 

Our client wanted to eliminate the Lotus Notes and Omniback servers as well as the AIT tape drives because of the overall costs and limitations on the IT resources as the environments were no longer supported.

TOG’s approach was to replicate the legacy environment and then restore and import the backup database from the media. A test restoration process was then initiated to validate and certify the environment configuration and data integrity.

After validation by TOG, the client decommissioned their Lotus Notes and Omniback servers. The client freed up data center space and was allowed to focus more resources on the management of business critical active data while allowing TOG to manage all restoration and discovery requests against their legacy environment in a defensible manner.